Daisy Edgar-Jones Says This Is The Most Romantic Thing That’s Ever Happened To Her

She's a woman easily pleased


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Daisy Edgar-Jones has revealed that the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to her took place during her stay in Dublin, but no, sadly for her it doesn’t involve Paul Mescal.

It doesn’t involve Paul because of course, despite their steamy on-screen romance, the two are in fact not a couple. 22 year-old Daisy is currenlt loved-up with Game of Thrones star Tom Varey, who she has been dating for around two years now.


Sharing that the way to her heart is through food, Daisy told Harper’s Bazaar that Tom pulled out a ‘grand’ gesture for her while she was here in Ireland filming for Normal People.

“It’s very random but the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me would probably be when I moved into the apartment I stayed in in Dublin when I did Normal People,” she began.

“My boyfriend came and helped me move in, and when I went out for a costume fitting he bought me a load of frozen food from Tesco.”

Continuing on, Daisy proved that romance isn’t dead, as she said that every time she ate a waffle she was reminded of Tom and his sweet act.

“He filled the fridge with potato waffles and fish fingers which does not seem that romantic but genuinely that’s what I lived on for the whole four and a half months of filming.”

“Every time I ate potato waffle I thought of him, so yeah, probably that – and other things. That was really nice.”

Well, that’s sweet enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.