Dani Dyer Doesn’t Blame The Love Island Producers For Showing Her That Clip Of Jack With His Ex

The scene received over 2,500 complaints, but Dani is pretty chipper about it.

One of the most heartbreaking moments of this year’s Love Island was when Dani was made to believe that Jack had been unfaithful to her.

The girls were sent some footage from rival villa Casa Amor, where the boys were staying while six new ladies tried tempt them away from their current couples.

Dani was shown a clip of Jack seeing his ex Ellie amongst the new gals – but she wasn’t shown how distraught he was to be without Dani, or how he slept outside alone for his whole stay in Casa Amor.

We knew, obviously, and all wanted to reach through our TV screens and reassure poor Dani that all was OK.

She completely broke down, sobbing to the cameras in the Beach Hut in a scene that garnered over 2,500 complaints to the British communications regulator. People accused the show’s producers of manipulating an emotional reaction out of Dani, putting her through hell for some fake drama.

But now, back in the UK as the winner of Love Island with Jack by her side, Dani sees it all for what it is – a TV show. Speaking to The Sun, she said:

Oh listen, they’ve got to make a TV show. If I weren’t crying the viewers would drop. Yeah it was hard, it was a test for me and Jack. But we got back together. We had the up, we had the down, and now we’re up.

Our mature queen! Of course, she grew up with an actor for a dad. She knows too well how it goes.

Jack, meanwhile, is getting ahead of himself. He told The Sun that he’s going to marry Dani, and very soon:

We’re getting married next year, 100%. Like my mum said to me so many times, ‘When you know about someone, you just know’.

While we absolutely want this pair to go the distance, they should probably take a breather and get to know each other off camera for a year or two. THEN they can get married and give us all the OK spread we deserve. Ah, young love.


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