Dani Dyer Has Written An Advice Book And We’re Ready For It

We've often asked ourselves "What would Dani Dyer do?" and now that question will be answered.

Picture this: you’ve just found out your boyfriend has a poster of your dad on his bedroom wall. Or maybe you can’t figure out if the post is meant for you or the aforementioned dad? When faced with one of life’s common pickles, you might find yourself wondering, “What would Dani Dyer do in this situation?”

Well wonder no more, dear reader, because the Love Island 2018 winner has just announced that she’s written an advice book due to hit shelves in April. *I’ve-got-a-text level screaming*

Dani’s debut book What Would Dani Do?: My Guide To Living Your Best Life covers “life before Love Island, rejection, heartache and things that have made [her] who [she is] today”.

“I wanted to put it all down in one place and empower everyone to feel good about themselves – I’ve always got my girls’ backs,” Dani said. “Hopefully it will help in some way or at least just make you smile.”

Her editor says: “It’s packed full of the advice we all wish we had growing up and is perfect for those of us still wanting to know how to wash and blow-dry our eyelashes or how to embrace being regular people who love cheese toasties a bit too much.”

As well as answering questions like, “Why did Danny give you the same name?” and “Who took the longest to get ready in the villa?”, Dani will also be discussing topics like “How can I be more confident?” and “Have you ever been to therapy?”

While What Would Dani Do? won’t be released until April, it’s available for preorders online right now and we reckon an IOU for this bad boy would make a stellar Chrimbo gift for the #loyal Islander in your life.


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