Danny Dyer Mortified Daughter Dani On Live Radio By Asking Her If She’d ‘Done Bits’

Well Dani? What's the story?

Before Dani Dyer entered the Love Island villa, there was lots of speculation about whether she’d make a MOCKERY of her famous father Danny by having SEX on the TELEVISION. (Well, maybe that’s not exactly what was said, but it was certainly the tone of it all.)

Dani said she didn’t intend to have sex (or in Island parlance, ‘do bits’) in the villa, and she kept to her word throughout the competition until, as we all know, she eventually won alongside her boyfriend Jack Fincham. Now, the conversation has turned to them ‘doing bits’ off camera.

This morning, Dani co-hosted a UK breakfast radio show, and all was going well until they got a call from a man calling himself Johnny called in to ask her this question:

A bit awkward, just wondering how you are getting on with the Do Bits Society?

Eh, yeah, awkward – especially when you know that the caller was in fact her dad Danny Dyer doing an accent.

But what did Dani say to him? Not realising it was her own dad on the phone, she admitted:

How am I getting on? Yeah, it’s fun. You know what, a lady never tells! That’s all I’m going to say.

At this point, Danny dropped the accent and revealed his true identity: “You know what Dan, that’s the right answer.”

Dani was naturally MORTIFIED and pelted out of the studio – but she was laughing, so all was good. Honestly, famous or not – dads are all the same, aren’t they?


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