Dat You? Love Island Fans Think Marcel Was Replaced By An Imposter In Last Night’s Episode

The "fake" Marcel slept in the real Marcel's bed.

Marcel and Gabby are one of Love Island‘s longest-lasting couples and are impressively still together despite the show’s efforts to tear them apart.

But last night, as Gabby lay asleep in bed, fans were quick to notice that it wasn’t Marcel next to her – but some total randomer. They soon took to Twitter to express their confusion and to call out the supposed imposter.

Love Island, ITV2

“Wait…. That’s not Marcel???” one viewer wrote, while another said, “Um, where’s Marcel?” Even Geordie Shore‘s Gaz Beadle chimed in on the conversation, tweeting, “Who the f*cking hell is this guy?”

The sudden appearance of a beard, longer hair and tattoos threw viewers off completely – but other fans have since spoken out to confirm that it was in fact Marcel lying in bed with Gabby, claiming the reason he looked so different was because of the night-vision mode on the ITV2’s camera.

What do you think? Imposter or nah?

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