David Schwimmer’s Ex Natalie Imbruglia Has Responded To His Crush On Jennifer Aniston

"I remember being on set and everyone being lovely and really, really nice."

The dust has barely settled after the iconic Friends reunion airing last month. On the two-hour-long special some special moments were shared, along with some shocking behind-the-scenes revelations. The most shocking of all being the fact that David Schwimmer and Jennifer Anniston were feelin’ each other IRL as well as on-screen.

While the two admitted to having a ‘crush’ on one another in the early days of the show’s productions, David cleared up any misconceptions saying that although there was feelings there, neither ever acted on them as they were both always in relationships during that time.

Well, now Torn single Natalie Imbruglia has spoken up about their comments, as she dated David in the late 90s, with reports saying their relationship lasted for around 1 year in 1996.

Not messing around, the Kyle and Jackie O Show got straight to the point and asked Natalie if there was any sort of crossover between her dating David and his feelings for Jennifer.

“I thought that too, no I’m joking,” Natalie began.

When asked what season of Friends David was filming at the time of their relationship, Natalie admitted that she isn’t too bothered about the possibility of him having a crush on someone else at the time.

“It was such a long time ago, I don’t remember”

“I remember being on set and everyone being lovely and really, really nice.”

Continuing on, she added: “I wasn’t paying attention to whether they were giving each other you know, little looks over my shoulder.”

“I’m okay with whatever happened back then, it was a long time ago.”




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