Dawn O’Porter Shares Throwback To Mark The 10 Year Anniversary Of Iconic Film, Bridesmaids

Can you BELIEVE it's a decade old?!

One of the most iconic comedies of our time, Bridesmaids, is turning 10 years old. Firstly, we are shook that the film is a decade old as it seems like only yesterday we were roaring laughing in the cinema watching it for the first time.

Secondly, despite it being around for some time (we’re still coming to terms with this) the movie is still so good and endlessly watchable. It’s a great go-to watch when you need a laugh with your pals, and you still hear people quoting it and referencing it all the time!

Of course the film stars one of our own, Irish actor, Chris O’Dowd, and his wife Dawn O’Porter shared a throwback to when the movie was first released.


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Posting to Instagram, Dawn, like us is in disbelief that the film is ten years old, also revealed a little more about where they were as a couple at the time, as well as how much has changed for them since it’s release.

“TEN YEARS since this beauty of a film changed a lot of people’s lives. Especially ours. I remember the first time Chris and I saw it, we were skint and in London wondering what would happen next.”

“We sat in a small screening room with a very tiny group of people we didn’t know, and as the movie went on I got higher and higher in my seat.”


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Continuing she said; “I think I was repeating ‘you’re F*CKING kidding me!!’ because I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I had tummy ache from laughing so hard. On the bus on the way home Chris was pretty silent but couldn’t stop smiling. I remember saying ‘you’re in the funniest movie of all time’. We were so happy.”

Dawn also shared how timeless the film still is which is why so many of us still love it now; “I watched the film and read the script again recently and it still holds up and always will. Happy birthday, Bridesmaids and THANK YOU.”

We think it might be time for a rewatch…


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