“Dear James, My Boyfriend’s Dirty Talk Is So Cringey”: Our Agony Uncle Solves Your Biggest Problems

Have you got any major life problems that need solving? Roisin from Cork did, so she asked our resident Agony Uncle, James Kavanagh, for his expert, gas bitch advice.

“My boyfriend has taken to talking really filthily during sex and he tries to encourage me, but I find it awkward,” she said, “I do want to make him happy, though. How do I get in the zone and join in?” 

James says, “I think talking dirty can be fun, and it’s always awks the first few times, but then you can REALLY get into it… so I’ve heard.

“Start off with little things like; “you little sexy pig. Oink for me, daddy.” “Who’s been a bad kitty? You’ve been a bad kitty. No cat litter for you.” Etc. And then work your way up to things like “UGH yes, I’m gonna sneeze on your dick, you sexy bitch.”

If you have a problem you’d like James to solve, send him a snap @JamesKSnaps, or email us at info@stellar.ie with ‘Ask James’ in the subject line.

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