Did Zac Efron *Actually* Get Hit In The Face With A Rake? Because Fans Are Losing It

In today's most bizarre news story...


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Zac Efron is currently in Australia filming the second season of his Netflix documentary Down To Earth.

For this season, it looks like the HSM star is reuniting with wellness expert Darin Olien from season one, as the pair travel around Australia learning about how they can create a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle in order to protect the planet. Speaking of which, have you seen Seaspiracy yet?

But anyways, the new season is currently being shot, Zac is providing us with plenty of thirst traps teasers and everything that’s set to come looks pretty exciting.

Now that you’re up to date, listen to this – in one of the most recent ‘outtakes’ from the show, Zac shared a video whereby he gets hit in the face with a rake. The 33-year-old accidentally stands on the rake which then appears to hit him in the face.


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But the thing is, fans aren’t buying that the rake actually hit Zac and now, it’s turned into this big ordeal of ‘prank gone wrong’/ ‘is Zac lying’ scenario and yeah, it’s all a little bonkers.

Granted, and in fans defence, it does look *very staged*, you’ve got his friends smiling and hanging back, Zac taking a big step onto the rake and then this whole discussion on why he comforts his eyes if the rake hit him in the hand conversation, but yeah, the whole debacle is actually quite gas and it appears to have actually left people annoyed.

Taking to the comments, fans are telling Zac that they thought he was an actor yet this is his “worst performance ever”, while plenty of others added that they’re convinced the whole video is staged.

The internet, eh?

Either way, to be honest we’re just enjoying the sweet, sweet content. Keep it coming, Zac.


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