Dieting? We Know Exactly When You’re Going To Fall Off The Wagon (Sorry)

Dieters beware! This is when you're most likely to ditch your new year diet.

Woman in too tight jeans

The first week of the year typically heralds a whole host of healthy changes. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been supping on hot water and lemon first thing in the AM, scoffing a super food salad at lunch and hitting the gym post-office. 

But, if you’re one of the many who has resolved to be healthier this January then today is dangerous territory, because according to Forza Supplements, you’re most likely to ditch your diet by 8.02pm tonight. Damn.

Fat O’Clock, as it’s called, typically happens on the first big Friday night out with pals after the festive break. Thanks to those boozey tipples, you’re likely to reach for a few naughty foods that you swore to yourself you were off at the start of the week.

According to the survey, New Year diets typically last less than ten days for almost half of slimmers, with most people giving up their calorie counting after just eight days. Along with booze, the January blues are also a major reason people inevitably ditch their new diets. 

The good news though? On the diet front, we know it’s not easy to do everything right, and really, we reckon a little tipple and a packet of Tayto enjoyed in moderation never hurt everyone, so if you’re hitting the pub with your pals enjoy those well-earned treats and get back to being saintly tomorrow. Sorted.

By Jennifer Conway.