Dirty John Is Getting A Second Season…But How’s It Going To Work?

Spoilers are ahead!

If you absolutely binged Dirty John on Netflix last week, you’ll be delighted to know a second season of the show has been confirmed.

If you watched the show or listened to the podcast, you’ll probably be wondering how Bravo are going to go about revisiting John and Debra’s story. *WARNING* spoilers ahead!

The first season of the show ends with John dying after Debra’s daughter stabs him multiple times (including right through the eye – nice), so how are the show’s producers planning on doing a second season?

Deadline reports that Bravo has definitely ordered a second season of the true crime show, but this time, the story will be a lot different.

Season two will be “self contained” and “different” to the first with details to come at a later date. So we can expect to learn all about a different true crime story.

The new series will be produced by Herzog & Co and Los Angeles Times Studios, with executive producers Mark Herzog, Christopher G. Cowen and Alexandra Cunningham, of Desperate Housewives fame all on board.

Additionally, Oxygen Media has ordered a companion docuseries investigating the real life Dirty John through the eyes of those he deceived, although it hasn’t been confirmed when we’ll be able to view it in Ireland.


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