Disney Channel Favourite Recess Is Getting A Live Action Remake & Our 90’s Hearts Are Rejoicing


We are nothing less than spoiled for choice when it comes to live action remakes these days, but this latest announcement has us feeling all the nostalgia!

Never mind Aladdin, forget The Lion King – because legendary 90’s Disney cartoon Recess is officially  being remade with real life people – we are OBSESSED!

The gas show followed a group of kids in the play ground at lunchtime, avoiding the cliques, the bullys, the snitches and of course, Ms.Finster.

Now, TJ, Gus, Gretchen, Mikey, Vince and Spinelli will be back on our screens for another hilarious adventure.

The film description reads as follows:

“When Mikey gets his fragile heart broken by Ashley A, the gang (with TJ at the helm) try and cheer him up with treats at Kelso’s corner store. On their quest to make Mikey smile again, they discover that something more sinister than a break-up is brewing at Third Street High…

“There’s trouble lurking in the shadows and it ain’t Finster, folks.”

There was originally four animated Recess movies, but this will be the first venture into live action for the Disney show.

No details of the release date are out yet but you’ll be the first to know!


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