Do More Household Chores Than Your Fella? Here’s What That Says About Your Relationship

New research proves women are still much more domesticated than men.

Woman cleaning the room while man reading newspaper

Ah, the fifties. When men were the breadwinners and women spent their days washing dishes and mopping the floors. Wait, what do you mean that’s *still* happening?

New research carried out at the University of Alberta in Canada has shown that women in relationships are still carrying out more household chores than their male counterparts (as if the gender pay gap wasn’t bad enough), and it’s having one very precise impact on their relationship.

It seems that couples like these aren’t having as much sex as those who share the chores equally. In a study carried out by sociologist Scott Coltrane at the University of California, it was revealed that men who help their girlfriends and wives with housework are reaping the rewards in the bedroom.

“It used to be that men assumed that their wives would do all the housework and parenting,” Scott wrote, “but now that women are nearly equal participants in the labour force, men are assuming more of the tasks that it takes to run a home and raise children.”

Not only does this make the relationship a more level playing field, Scott adds, men’s “wives find them more attractive” when they help out around the home.

Now time to pass the news on to your other half…

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