Dogs Trust Ireland Share Heartwarming Tale Of Transformed Pup Who Finds Loving Home

It's a good news story!

*Warning, photos in this article might be distressing to some readers* 

Dog’s Trust Ireland has shared a sweet little tale to brighten up everyone’s weekend.

After arriving into the service and care back in November 2020, one-year-old puppy, Rudolph has made a serious recovery. When the crossbreed dog came to the attention of the Dog’s Trust staff, he was almost completely bald, his skin was infected, and he was severely underweight.

Getting assessed by the vets at the charity in Finglas, Dublin 11, Rudolph was urgently prescribed a course of treatment, as well as specialist baths for his skin condition. The continued treatment helped improve his skin and his hair has started to grow again.

Niamh Curran-Kelly, Veterinary and Welfare Manager at Dogs Trust Ireland explains:

“When Rudolph arrived into our care, he was in quite poor condition. He was very underweight and only had hair on his head and some on his tail, the skin on rest of his body was severely thickened and infected. After weeks of intensive veterinary treatment, his skin started to improve, and his hair started to grow back.”

Now, it’s good news for Rudolph as the now fluffy pup has a new lease of life, a pep in his step and a family who believe it was love at first sight after spotting the dog on the rehoming website.

Speaking about their new addition to the family, Leyla Jansen, Rudolph’s adopter said:

“We think it was meant to be. As soon as we met Rudolph we were smitten with him, he is such a sweet and kind dog. Since he came home, he has settled in really well. His hair has grown back and the fur around his neck is a lot fluffier – almost like a lion’s mane. Rudolph has brought a  lot of joy into our home because after we lost Dougal it was so very empty. We get lots of cuddles and gentle little kisses from him, and he loves his belly scratches.”

What a strong, little boy! You can read more on Dog’s Trust here with how you can support and find a dog that needs a good home.


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