Doireann Garrihy Has Just Confirmed Romance Rumours And We’re Delighted for Her


After weeks of speculation surrounding her love-life, Doireann Garrihy has finally given us all what we want and confirmed that she is indeed in a relationship.

Speaking to Brian Dowling on her podcast, ‘The Laughs Of Your Life’, Doireann confirmed her new romance, and things are going well for the pair.

Not giving too much away, when Brian told the 27-year-old that it’s important to enjoy herself in her new relationship she simply replied with “I am”, but, we’re taking that as a clear sign that things are pretty amazing with her new beau, and they’re definitely gonna get married soon, oh and have babies too!

The 2FM presenter also went on to joke about her romantic history, telling a gas story of how her dad never thought she’d find ‘the one’.

“My sisters very much have it together in terms of like marriage”

“It’s a running joke (in the family). SO there’s three of us and they’re both married but on my second sister’s wedding day there in October, on the wedding day my dad was like, ‘Ah, it’s very sad’.

“And I was like, ‘what?’ And he was like, ‘Ah, we’ll probably never do this again.’ It was a joke”.

But, maybe Doireanns dad will be eating his words, as the 27-year-old and her new bae, Paddy, went public earlier this week.

Pic: Brian McEvoy

Attending the Emirates ‘Taste of Asia’ dinner, Doireann posed for snaps alongside her mystery ‘bae’ and we have to admit – they make an extremely cute couple!

Next step – Insta offish.


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