Doireann Garrihy Sent To Hospital After Filming The Doireann Project

We're hoping she has a speedy recovery!


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Doireann Garrihy revealed that she ended a day of filming with a trip to hospital at the weekend.

The presenter confessed that she has an ongoing issue with her knees which causes them to sometimes pop out of place, something which happened to her on set.

Sharing the news on her stories she said:

“Since I was 15, I have had an issue with my knees where they pop out of place… It can happen from exercise or sometimes just from crossing my legs while sitting down.”

“While filming The Doireann Project on Friday, the final scenes of the day, I was sitting in a chair and bent to the side to pick up my script and go tobann, out popped my knee.”

As this has happened to her before, she thought it would be fine; “Most of the time I can pop it straight back in but this time it simply wouldn’t happen.”

It seems that this time was different and she had to get her boyfriend, Paddy to carry her down the stairs; “I refused to let the crew carry me… I would never be able to look them in the eye professionally again.”

The 28-year-old then shared that she decided to wait it out and hope her knee would have popped back into place by the morning, but she wasn’t so lucky!

“I really thought it would pop back into place when I relaxed in my sleep (with good pain killers) but it didn’t so off to James’s I went yesterday.”

Now, the presenter is stuck with a brace and a crutch until her knee relaxes enough, but is feeling the pressure as she is back filming next week!

“I had booked this week off radio thank god (except for St. Patrick’s Day, Donncha O’Callaghan and I on 2FM Breakfast) but am due to be back filming Tuesday.”

“It it pops back into place, I could fully be good as new and able to film for the rest of the week. If not, it’ll probably be a scope.”

Finally she shared; “If you’re someone who prays, will you pray for the pop and light a candle for me? Thank you #prayforthepop.”


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