Dominique Nugent Shares First Look At Wedding To Paddy Cahill

Dominique Nugent has found her happy ever after today, as she said ‘I Do’ to Paddy Cahill.

The couple tied the knot in Boyne Hill House Estate in front of their nearest and dearest.

Sharing a first look on Instagram Dominique wrote: “a moment for the dress of my dreams.”

The star had a busy week of celebration, as she told STELLAR.

“We have a good few days planned over the course of the week. We get married in the registry office on Wednesday, then we have the night before with our families and bridal parties, then it’s the wedding, then day two and then our honeymoon so it’s literally all go for five days,” she said.

“It’ll be so good but I’d say we’ll really need that honeymoon break after it,” she said, revealing that they’re jetting off to Santorini.

“So we’re doing a mini-moon. Well… Santorini is not a mini-moon but we had planned a big honeymoon at the end of the summer and then just in the months leading up, we didn’t want to go back to work straight away so we just said feck it, you only do this once. That was our first holiday together so it’s kind of a special place for us, so we’re so looking forward to going back.”

Dominique spoke exclusively to STELLAR Magazine this week about finding happiness after heartbreak.

The influencer was due to get married in 2020 but the wedding was called off when she was betrayed by her then-fiance. In 2021 she began a relationship with her now-husband Paddy, having met him almost a decade prior.

The couple got engaged in August 2022.

She shared that she never expected to be ‘so happy’ three years after her most difficult times.

“I love that quote ‘Sometimes things fall apart so that everything else can fall into place’ and it’s so true,” she shares. “At the time everything was just falling down around me and as soon as I met Paddy, it just all made sense,” she said.

She added that she wanted a laid-back, effortless experience this time around, from the planning to the magical ceremony.

“I just wanted something completely different. Even for the vibe of planning a wedding again, I just wanted everything to be really different and new. I’m so happy with the way it worked out.”

Read more about Dominique’s happily ever after, dealing with illness and the support from her friends in the July/August issue of STELLAR, on shelves Thursday.