Don’t Know Who To Vote For This Friday? This Genius Website Will Help You Figure It out

By figuring out what matters most to you, this website helps you find your ideal candidate.

Woman voting

With so much information out there, loads of leaflets coming through the door on the daily and every politician waxing lyrical about their policies, it can be more than a little overwhelming figuring out which candidate really deserves your vote.

But if you’re super confused about which way to vote this Friday or (gasp) considering not voting at all, the website could prove to be a very valuable resource.

The website has asked every candidate in your constituency 30 questions, from how they feel about JobBridge to their views on abortion. All you need to do is visit the site and answer the same 30 questions, giving a thumbs up or down on issues like immigration, public transport and water metering.

The result? The website will then generate a list of candidates whose answers most match your own, along with a breakdown of the issues you agree and disagree on.

All that’s left to do is to make your vote according to the candidate you most closely match with. Simple.