Download: Get Our Transparent #StopTheShame Badge For Your Blog & Social Media Accounts

Want to take part in our #StopTheShame campaign this summer? It’s all about taking the power back from online bullies who are trying to control how we look in our pictures. You can read the whole feature in July’s STELLAR, and we’ve got another #StopTheShame piece here where we highlight the 10 celebrities who fought back against body shaming bullies too.

Download the badge below & how to use it

  • Want to show your #StopTheShame support? Click on the badge below (or right click to save) and download the .png file to use on your site, blog and social snaps. It’s resizeable and transparent, so will work on top of pics and patterned backgrounds.
  • Share your #StopTheShame snaps and posts with us by tagging us and linking us in – we’re @stellarmagazine on Instagram and Twitter and we’d love you to get involved. Of course, we’ll be sharing your images on the website and our social sites.