Dream Dinner Party… With Author Vicki Notaro

Leopard print for days

Former STELLAR editor Vicki Notaro has just released her first ever book.

Reality Check is all about having your life turned upside down, reconnecting with your A-lister family, and finding out what real life is all about… with a serious dose of Real Housewives energy in there too.

So, to mark the occasion we caught up with Vicki to find out all about her Dream Dinner Party…

You’re throwing your dream dinner party. If you could choose from anyone in the world, who would be your ideal guests be?

I could have 100 celebs easily for different reasons, but let’s go on theme with my debut novel Reality Check and invite some of the people that inspired it – I’d have Lisa Vanderpump, Kris Jenner and Celia Holman Lee for being an iconic trifecta of inspiring older ladies.

I’d throw in Marian Keyes (even though she’d probably hate it, sorry Mar) because she’s my literary hero, and then I’d invite Andy Cohen and Jonathan Groff just to temper all the female intensity. Sarah Jessica Parker would pop by with Supervalu profiteroles and her own rosé for dessert.

Would you have a theme or a dress code?

Leopard print realness, something all of these guests would fulfil with ease!

What are you cooking? Is it a lavish affair or low-key nibbles?

Something Italian. Maybe some nibbles to start, likes stuffed olives and mortadella. I make a mean penne ala vodka with pancetta, it’s spicy. And SJP’s store bought dessert and shots of limoncello to finish.

Time to get ready! What are you wearing?

My super comfy velvet leopard print trousers from Sezane and a billowing black satin shirt that will slip off my shoulder as I make eyes at Groff. I know he doesn’t fancy women in that way and I’m a married lady, so it’s very innocent.

Everyone’s arriving: what music are you playing to set the mood?

I have a playlist called BOPS on Apple Music that would fit the bill. There are a few Housewives tunes in there – I can see Andy getting down to Countess Luann’s Chic C’est La Vie.

What are you and your guests chatting about at the table?

Everyone we know, Bravo shows and Broadway gossip.

Do you have a signature cocktail to serve?

I tried an Italicus Spritz recently – similar to an Aperol, but with bergamot liqeuer. And the bottle is fabulous!

What about dessert? Sweet or a cheese board?

SJP may bring some local cheese as well, she really loves an Irish supermarket. I can make Tiramisu, the coffee will perk us all up.

What about entertainment?

Maybe we’ll do some karaoke. Groff and I can duet on Suddenly Seymour, and I can die happy.

How does the night wrap up? Is it a late one, or more chill?

I will probably fall asleep on the couch at some point because that’s how I roll, but that Andy divil would have everyone out on the tiles. I can see SJP in The George!

Reality Check is available to buy now!