Dream Job! Here’s How You Can Travel The World Drinking Cocktails For A Living

If this isn't the best job in the world then we don't know what is.

Most of us are guilty of occasionally spending our day jobs dreaming about being on a sunny beach somewhere, book in one hand and a boozy cocktail in the other, but what if that was your day job?

That’s exactly what’s on offer for the lucky candidate who cinches Absolut‘s latest job opening.

The vodka company are currently hiring a Sensory Expert, which is basically just a fancy way of describing someone who taste tests alcohol and assesses its quality for a living.

The brand say they’re after someone with a “creative nose, a trend-sensitive tongue and a love of vodka” to travel around the world keeping up with booze trends, and tasting and creating new cocktail combinations.

Previous experience necking Sex On The Beach in Capitol sadly won’t help you qualify for the position however.

In fact, Absolut’s previous Sensory Expert Per Hermansson was in the job for four decades and has been dubbed The Billion Dollar Nose for his exceptional skills, so it’s fair to say a passing interest in the booze industry won’t be enough to cut it.

“This is one of the most complex jobs in the business – you need to be equal parts innovator, chemist, teacher, creator and ambassador,’ Hermansson says of the role. “This person not only needs to have the technical skills needed for the job, but a passion for creativity to keep Absolut on the forefront innovation.”

That rules us out. Still, a girl can dream, eh?

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