Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Self-Forgiveness

An important lesson for all


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Through the years Drew Barrymore has not only blossomed as an actress but as a person too, with her being the first to admit that she had a difficult childhood having gone through many hardships.

Never one to sugar-coat a situation, Drew has always been very open and honest about her past and current struggles, which we absolutely admire about her and now, once again, the mother of two is opening up about how she handles self-forgiveness.

In a recent interview for Uninterrupted’s The Shop series, which is produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, Drew sat down with Idris Elba, Paul Rabil, Kyrie Irving, Paul Rivera, and Maverick where they chatted about the personal topic.


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When asked, “How do you forgive yourself?” an emotional Drew bravely answered, “I think that’s… for me, the thing that has come the latest in my life.”

“Only recently do I forgive myself,” she continued. “But I’m there! It just took me so long to get there. I beat the [expletive] out of myself about everything. I had to be my own parent and God, I just, I’m so hard on myself. Ridiculously, painfully, miserably, unbelievably hard on myself.”

Adding, “But I’m finally on the other side of that, and I’m just so happy to be there ’cause it’s those things. Being okay with yourself, not competing with the others, realising you’re your own snowflake of a being, and how to embrace that, how to forgive yourself.”


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It was clear the actress was getting caught up as she revealed her personal struggles, shedding some tears as she spoke and revealing it has been anything but easy to forgive herself in the past.

Drew grew up in an abusive household and her parents divorced when she was nine, while at just 11 years old she developed a drinking problem followed by a drug problem when she was 12 years old.

But now, Drew couldn’t be prouder of how far she’s come concluding, “Those are such big, overarching themes of life… As of recently, I’m really having some amazing breakthroughs and it feels so good.”

Good for you Drew!!


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