Drive Through Cinemas Are The Ideal Date Night As We’re Social Distancing

They have been inundated with requests to keep going during the current Covid-19 crisis.

If, like us you are now in desperate need of a date night, then we have the ideal solution for you. The drive-through cinema.

These have been back on the scene for a few years now, usually popping up at Halloween, Christmas and in summer time. They’ve had loads of films scheduled over the past week and they seem to have been inundated with requests to keep going during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Unlike the normal cinema where we’re all piled in on top of each-other (not ideal at the moment) the drive-through is the perfect alternative.

You can buy your ticket online (they scan your phone screen so no handling of tickets needed!) and you simply tune your radio in so you can hear the film. Then, voila! Kick back and relax in your car and enjoy the film.

There are a couple of different ones you can head to, Retro Drive In which have screens in Leopardstown, Fairyhouse and Killarney, as well as The Pop-Up Drive In Cinema which is in Castleknock.

Both have had tonnes of great classics on over the past week like Stand By Me, The Van, Dirty Dancing and Big.

There have also been lots of earlier showings which are ideal if you have bored kids at home, like The Lion King, Frozen and Mrs Doubtfire.

As it is of the upmost importance at the moment to be social distancing as much as possible, we are not recommending that you invite all your friends along. Instead, do this with those you are already social distancing with at home like your family or your other half.

So, stock up on snacks (we also like to bring cushions and a blanket to make it extra cosy) and book your tickets. It’s the closest thing to a hot date you’ll get for the next while.


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