DSPCA Share ‘Not Acceptable’ Video Of A Dog Arriving At The Shelter

The shelter is appealing for witnesses or anyone with more information.


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Yesterday evening, the DSPCA shared an upsetting video of a dog getting dumped at the gate of the shelter located on Mount Venus Road.

Described as a “1 to 2-year-old terrier cross”, the dog suffered multiple fractures to her pelvis as well as nerve damaging and bruising after she was forced underneath the gates of the DSPCA by her former owner.

Making “no effort” to ring the gates or contact the DSPCA, the owner who wished to abandon the dog decided to do so in a manner which “must have been excruciating” for the little dog, the DSPCA said in an appeal on Instagram.

Continuing, the Dublin shelter noted that this kind of behaviour was “not acceptable” and looked for more information regarding the man in the CCTV video.

“We are asking the public if they recognise the individual in the video or have any information that would help our enquiry.”

With an increase in people purchasing dogs and puppies during lockdown, this video acts as a cruel reminder that too often, people take a dog into their homes without realising the full responsibility.


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If you’re thinking of getting a dog, please remember that they’re for life and not for lockdown. This list of guidelines from the ISPCA is also a crucial read and explains not only the amount of care that’s involved with owning a dog, but the expense too.

You can contact the DSPCA by emailing inspectors@dspca.ie


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