Dying? Here’s The Very Real Reason Hangovers Get Worse As You Age

Why God, why?!


Dry mouth. Pounding headache. A nauseous tummy. And the fear. Oh god, the fear.

Last night you had only four, maybe five, drinks and this morning you feel like you’ve been thrown under a bus.

Rewind back to a few years ago and you could throw back shots with wild abandon on a night out, crawl in at 5am and wake up reasonably fresh the next morning.

So what gives? Why have your hangovers went from mild to moderate to PLEASE GOD, SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP?


Well the answer is two-fold.

First up, is the fact that you probably have less energy now than you did when you were younger, meaning that your bod isn’t able to filter out all that booze just as quickly or as efficiently as it used to.

Your lifestyle is likely busier and more stressful than it was too meaning you’re more tired and not able to recover as easily.

But the main reason, your hangovers are more hellish than they used to be is all down to your liver.

Fitness expert Ricki Friedman explains to Elite Daily “As we get older, our livers produce less antioxidants, and the toxins end up passing through our bodies causing headaches, vomiting and all those other really fun hangover experiences.”

So there you have it: basically your liver hates you.

Thankfully, if you want to lessen the effects, Friedman says the best way to do so is to eat eggs, which contain cysteine, which will soak up the extra toxins.

An excuse for a full fry up the morning after? Yeah, we’ll take that.

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