Eek! This Cyst-Slicing Video May Be The Grossest Thing You’ll See All Day

Disclaimer: This vid may make you lose your brekkie. You've been warned.

Cyst Slicing

Don’t judge, but we’re certainly partial to a little bit of grossness at STELLAR HQ; whether it’s pimple popping, ingrown toenail removal or blackhead extraction. But there’s totally a science behind why we love all things yucky.

According to an american doctor who wishes not to be named, ““At the most superficial level, all of us have a fantasy that if we pick these things off, we are improving ourselves and others. There is an undeniable build up of tension and undoubtedly an orgasmic component to the release. I’ve even had nurses who admit they really ‘get off’ on removing blackheads.”

While we’re not sure about the, um, orgasmic effect, the latest gross and graphic vid on our radar is certainly make us come over all funny. Why’s that? Well, it shows a surgeon cutting open a giant cyst, before a stream of yucky pus comes oozing out. Gross, right? Right, but somehow we just can’t look away.

Whaddya reckon? Is this vid seriously satisfying or just plain vile? Drop us a comment below or tweet us @stellarmagazine to let us know!


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