Eek! Why Did Cara Delevingne Choose To Have THIS Tattooed On The Back Of Her Neck?!

This wouldn't be our first choice of ink, TBH.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delvingne is no stranger to tattoos. In fact, it’s rumoured that she has upwards of 50 of them etched on her bod.

Her latest addition though? Well, we’re not so sure about it.

Cara debuted the new tatt yesterday when her tattoo artist Bang Bang NYC shared a clip of her work to Instagram.

In the clip, Cara is seen holding up her hair to reveal the back of her neck, where, as you can see in the vid, she has a pair of eyes freshly inked onto her skin.

?? @caradelevingne

A video posted by Bang Bang (@bangbangnyc) on

To be honest though, the true-to-life tatt kinda gives us the heebie-jeebies.

Oh, and is it just us or do those eyes seem to follow the camera as it moves around her? *SHUDDER*

Like it or not though, we gotta admit that a tattoo that doubles as an optical illusion is pretty cool. Plus, it just wouldn’t be fitting for the model/actress if her new ink wasn’t a little bit out there, would it?

You just keep doing you, Cara.


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