Eh, Where Was Security? Little Mix Super Fan Jumps Into Their Car For An Autograph

They didn't seem too impressed...


Little Mix are well used to the odd super-fan, what with being the biggest girl band in the world and all. But they usually like to soak up the adoration from a comfortable position, behind a wall of masso bodyguards.

So you can imagine their surprise when one overly eager man tried to jump into the back of the car they were travelling in. This is exactly what happened as the gals were making their way to their performance at Slessor Gardens in Dundee, East Scotland.

The man, who seemed to be middle-aged, ripped open their car door asking “Any chance of a signature?”, before being whisked away by a guard.

Check out the video of the bizarre moment here (shout out to Jade’s ‘say whaaattt’ face)

‘It was funny to see the guy’s cheeky spirit and he was only after an autograph.” A source told The Sun.

‘But in today’s climate and with security supposed to be being stepped up, it was a shambles that someone could get so close to them and then even into their car before being challenged.

‘I’m sure the girls were panicked when the door flew open, but thankfully it was a only a well-meaning fan,’

Hmmmm, we wonder if the girls were as understanding?



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