Ekin Su and Davide Facing Big Relationship Decisions

It's been a "tricky few months".

Image via Instagram, @ekinsuofficial

Love Island stars Ekin-Su and Davide are facing a difficult decision after deciding to leave their current home in London – despite moving in together there just eight months ago.

The pair have allegedly had a “tricky few months” a source told The Sun, adding that the pair just want a “fresh start”. The source is referencing rumours that Davide had cheated on Ekin-Su with a model in London, allegedly sparking the couples decision to leave the city.

As to where they’ll go, Manchester or Essex are high possibilities. The same source said that Manchester works for Davide as he’s signed to Boohooman, who are based there.

Ekin-Su previously lived in Essex, so the pair might move back there, either.  “It’s really easy to get into London for work from Essex and Manchester, so they are just working out what is best.”

In a recent interview with The Sun, Davide adorably described Ekin-Su as his ‘copy-paste’, saying that they really “understand each other”. Ah, stop.

We hope this pair can make it work wherever they end up!