Ellen Degeneres Surprised Her Audience With A ‘Friends’ Reunion And We’re Feeling All Kinds Of Nostalgia

"I wanted to be there for you, get it?"

Ellen Degeneres surprised her audience, as well as Courteney Cox, with an impromptu Friends reunion, complete with the iconic Central Perk couch.

Courteney was on Ellen’s show promoting her new series Nine Months with Courteney Cox, when Ellen assembled a Central Perk set for her to take her first Instagram photo on.

While pretending to drink coffee Ellen said, “I wish Lisa Kudrow was here because that would be fun.” And low and behold, out pops Lisa Kudrow.

While the three posed on the couch, the audience went literally wild for the unexpected reunion.

Talking to Lisa, Ellen said, “I wish you had your guitar here. That would be fun.”

“Wouldn’t it?” Lisa replied. “But who would play it?”

Courteney thanked Lisa for coming on the show and surprising her, to which she replied:

“Oh, I wanted to be there for you, get it?” LOL.

You watch the clip here.

Brb, we need to go watch millions of Friends episodes.


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