Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Why She Quit Acting

Emrata has left the acting industry behind!

Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski has plenty titles, being a model, author, mum, and podcast host.

But fans will remember that back in the day, Emrata, was also a successful actress. From her Nickelodeon debut, as Natasha in ICarly, to her performance in the acclaimed Gone Girl.

But the Californian hasn’t graces our screen in quiet a while. Addressing her absence, Emily told the Los Angles Times, she has stepped back from acting, due, in part, to the treatment of women in the industry.

Confessing that her team was focusing on roles that would prove she as a “serious actress with longevity,” but even so the 31-year-old, didn’t find a lot of satisfaction in the industry.


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“But I didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, I’m an artist performing and this is my outlet.’ I felt like a piece of meat who people were judging, saying, ‘Does she have anything else other than her [breasts]?’” Emily confessed.

In early 2020, the model fired her acting agent, commercial rep and manager, as she was tired of making herself “digestible to powerful men in Hollywood.”

Explaining her decision to let her team go, Em said: “I didn’t trust them.”

“I was like, ‘I can handle receiving phone calls. I’m gonna make these decisions. None of you have my best interest at heart. And you all hate women.’”


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But even without acting Emily, is still enjoying a successful career in the modelling world, being the face of Versace’s new campaign, and a spokesperson for Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

She is also enjoying her single girl status after splitting from her husband last year.

But despite her high-profile romances (most recently being seen smooching Harry Styles), Emrata reassured that dating is far from a priority.

“I’m really just not thinking about guys.”

“I’m working, I’m a single mom. I’ve been so busy that it’s easy not to think about,” she said.