Emma Chamberlain Has Returned To YouTube

She's back guys!


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Emma Chamberlain is BACK! And we couldn’t be more thrilled to have our comfort YouTuber back in action.

The star has opened up about burn out on many occasions and decided to take a break from YouTube earlier this year.

On her podcast back in February Emma said a weekly YouTuber schedule is unsustainable and she found herself getting burnt out quite often, “The narrative around being a YouTuber is that your a** better be uploading a video every single week or else you’re done,” she explained.

Instagram/ Emma Chamberlain

Six months after her hiatus Emma has shared a new video with a brand-new format where she interviews people she meets on the streets of New York, rather than her regular vlog-style videos. The video is titled “what’s good in New York” and captioned, “happy to be back.”

Along with the interview questions, Emma vlogs her activities of her day in New York, visiting popular tourist destinations, mainly on foot as she admits that she has a phobia of stepping onto the subway and falling underneath it.

Her subscribers were delighted to have her back sharing love in the comments with one writing, “She did exactly what she said she would, come back when she could try something new out and expand. I love her so much and how she wants to evolve.”


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Another wrote, “The queen is back and better than ever.”

Emma teased a YouTube return earlier this month posting a series of photos from a trip to New York which included a snap of recording equipment which had fans excited about what could come next.

We don’t yet know if this will be a weekly video return for Emma or if it’s more of a post when she feels inspired gig. Either way it’s great to see her back doing what she’s brilliant at!