Er, So Kanye Visited Trump Tower Today For A Meeting With Donald Trump

Brace yourselves.

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If the world wasn’t crazy enough since the official election of a racist reality TV star/hotel mogul as the next PRESIDENT OF AMERICA, you can now add a rapper into the mix.

Just over a week after being discharged from hospital after what his physician has termed a “temporary psychotic episode,” Kanye West has requested – and been granted – a meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump.

The rapper arrived at Trump Towers around 1pm today (9am New York time) for a sit-down with Trump, which sources say was expected to last around 15 minutes.

Here he is arriving, flagged by Secret Service agents and bodyguards:

Update: Just minutes ago, Donald walked Kanye out of the building after a 30-minute meeting, telling the waiting reporters that the pair had met as “friends” and were simply discussing “life.” He called Kanye a “good man” and that the two had been friends for a “long time.”

Bet that was an interesting discussion…


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