Ever Fancied A Peak Inside A Fitness Influencer’s Fridge? Look No Further!

Chessie King and Deni Kirkova share their expert foodie advice and inspo!

When it comes to keeping up the healthy-eating momentum, we could definitely do with some advice from those who do it best.

Chessie King, a fitness trainer and presenter, and Deni Kirkova, a fitness blogger and journalist, have opened up their fridge doors to help us plan healthy, filling meals for the year ahead. With some help from Wren Kitchens, they’re committed to sharing top tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul in 2018.

Chessie King

Instagram @chessiekingg

I believe that the contents of a fridge say a lot about a person. From experience, I know that if I buy something naughty and have it in the kitchen, I will simply eat it straight away! So, I pack my fridge with goodness. I don’t eat meat, but plenty of fish, tofu, chickpeas, and veggies. I don’t label myself anything like veggie, vegan, or flexitarian, I just eat mindfully and make sure my fish is well sourced.

My favourite, easy-to-make healthy breakfast is avocado with smoked salmon in a gluten free multi seed pita. I always have kale in my fridge to make kale crisps. I drizzle them in olive oil and salt before crisping them up in the Aga – delicious!

Instead of coffee, I have a pre-workout Matcha, which I whizz up with oat milk and ice in the blender. I always have my Symprove in the morning, which has helped me to reduce bloating. I love oat milk and brown rice milk, so always stock my fridge up with these, but I don’t take multivitamins or omega-3 because I get these from my meals. Omega-3 is crucial for growth development, especially brain health, and a minimum of two portions is required per week.

Instagram @chessiekingg

Low fat, high protein, low carb… None of these fads and diets work. They might make you lose a few pounds before your holiday, but they will never help you achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I strongly disagree with juice diets and ‘skinny teas’ – I’ve tried everything back when I wanted to be the ‘skinniest’ I could be and didn’t have the education I have now.

I have found what works for me and absolutely love food. It’s so important to enjoy food, and to actually sit down and eat instead of eating on the go. I love cooking for friends and family, instead of getting take out. Food brings people together!

Deni Kirkova

Instagram @denikirkova

I’m a big believer in a 360-degree approach to diet. And by that, I mean seeking out food which tastes good, makes you feel good, and does good for the planet. As a vegan, my diet is 100% plant-based. Animal products haven’t passed my lips since 2015 due to ethical reasons, and as a happy coincidence I’ve never felt or looked better, nor been so into food and creative cooking.

Predominantly, I try to just eat raw food like fruit, lots of veg, and some nuts. Smoothies and whole fruit make up 40-50% of my diet on a good day. After watching Food Matters, my eyes opened to the wonders of eating more raw and organic foods. I fill my smoothies with all kinds of fruit and veg but most of the time there’s banana and spinach as a base.

I’ve been adding peaches, plums, cashews, and almonds, as well as avocado for intense creaminess and silkiness. I blend my smoothies using ice cold water from the fridge, and I also add maca and turmeric for an energy boost and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Instagram @denikirkova

I love raw fermented kimchi and sauerkraut for gut health and de-bloating, which are both staples in my fridge. Hiding behind it is some falafel, which I have with hummus as an on-the-go meal. On the bottom left are some oats, which I’ll have as porridge for breakfast or brunch, usually with protein powder and soy milk.

The vegan butter on the top shelf may go on some wholegrain granary toast, because – yes – I love bread! Happy, kind, and healthy is my mantra.

Will you be taking their tips on board? We know we will!

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