Everyone Had The Same Thing To Say About Hugo’s ‘Fake’ Drama Last Night

Are you #teamHugo?

Well, we’ve been asking for it. We wanted more drama in the Love Island villa this year, and last night boy did we get it. It was just unfortunate that it ended in the villa’s resident sweetheart crying.

Last night’s episode saw Hugo get caught up in a big row with Sharon and Faye over comments he made during a challenge in which he stated that ‘fake’ girls weren’t his type and he preferred a more ‘natural’ look.

Both Faye and Sharon became increasingly upset about Hugo’s comments, calling him ‘ignorant’. Eventually, we saw things come to a head, with Sharon approaching Hugo to tell him about the hurt he’s caused them and Hugo apologising while bursting into tears.

However, while Hugo was very much the villain inside the villa, viewers on the outside couldn’t jump to his defence quick enough, with many saying that the girls had a slight overreaction to the situation.

One scroll through Twitter showed that the public is very much #TeamHugo in that situation, here’s just a few of our favourite Tweets from the night.


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