Everyone Needs To Know About This Handy TikTok Hack

Refreshed while halfway through that recipe tutorial? We got you.

It’s happened to us all – you find a handy video on TikTik, are mid-way through watching it, when your finger accidentally refreshes your for you page, losing the video forever.

If this has happened to you before and you’ve lost the end of too many videos to the algorithm abyss, then you might want to know this hack. A TikToker has gone viral for sharing that it is actually possible to get back old videos you watched but lost.

Sharing the simple steps in her video, which has now gathered over 2.8 million likes, Rachel, who goes by the username ‘rachforaday’ explained how to find lost videos in these easy steps.

@rachforaday here’s how to find that TikTok that you accidentally refreshed #tiktokhack #tiktoktips #losttiktok #socialmediatips and if you remember some of the audio this way is even faster » @rachforaday ♬ find a TikTok you refreshed – Rach | TikTok Tips

  • First, go to your discover page
  • Then click on search
  • Type an asterisk in the search box
  • After that, click ‘Filter’ which will be in the top-right-hand corner
  • You’ll then see ‘menu’, swipe on ‘Watched Videos’
  • And then tap ‘Apply’
  • You’ll then see all of the recent videos you watched, in the same format as the videos you’ve liked.

It’s genuinely that simple, to imagine – all the sleepless nights we’ve had when we lost a 10/10 video. Never again, we say!