Everyone Wanted To Be Amy’s BFF After Watching First Dates Ireland Last Night



The first episode of First Dates Ireland aired on RTÉ 2 last night, and it didn’t disappoint.

There were some happy endings, like with (potential identical twins) Simon and Tynan who hit it off and even ended up going on a second date.


But as with the real world of dating, not every story had a happy ending.

We were really rooting for Amy and Darryl, after seeing them having the absolute LOLs during their date at the Gibson Hotel.


Amy didn’t even seem bothered by Darryl’s penchant for peach Schnapps…


Or when he removed his front tooth as a ‘funny’ joke…

Surely these two were made for each other?


But when it came to crunch time, things fell apart in a big way.

After a couple of seconds of joking around, Darryl jumped in to say he thought Amy was just ‘friend’ material. Cue Amy’s heart breaking, and ours, and everyone’s in Ireland basically.

But, on the flip side, Amy won’t be stuck for future potential dates because everyone fell in love with her.


No, like seriously.

Can she be our BFF?

Never change, Amy.