Everyone Was Stressed Out Watching This Gingerbread Disaster On Last Night’s Bake Off

The showstopper challenge left everyone in a ball of stress.

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Biscuit Week on the Great British Bake Off wasn’t an easy ride. Not for the bakers or for the viewers at home.

First up on last night’s episode was the Signature Challenge, with Paul and Mary asking for 24 identical, crisp and “beautifully decorated” iced biscuits. Unfortunately things didn’t go too well: poor Louise handed up biscuits that “tasted a bit like scones,” Val failed to get all of hers decorated on time, and Mary tactfully described Jane’s icing as “a bit informal.”


It was the final challenge of the show though that saw everything go belly up with toppling biscuits, questionable icing…. and one complete disaster.

For their Showstopper, the bakers were asked to create a “gingerbread story” which related in some way to their lives and contained at least eight characters.

Already depressed at the thought of what your “story” would be? Yeah, us too.

As always, there were some very ambitious plans in the mix. There was Val’s “New York Out Of Yorkshire” including a Statue Of Liberty, a skyscraper and gingerbread likenesses of herself and her sister.

Candace opted to make the pub she grew up in out of three (THREE!) different types of gingerbread, while Tom decided to re-tell his near death-experience on a mountainside through the medium of biscuits. So far, so very Bake Off.

Things started to go wrong once assembly began.

Basically everything fell apart.


And we mean everything.


No-one could cope with the anxiety.

The worst disaster of the show though, was Louise, whose gingerbread creation – a basic church, three gingerbread people and a few gravestones – ended up looking like it had been crafted by a drunken toddler.

Sorry, Lou.

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Here’s hoping next week’s Bread Week goes better for the remaining ten bakers…


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