Everything Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

It’s almost July and we’re soaking up every second of the Summer sun – there’s plenty of things to be loving right now!

From fresh flowers, to garden brunches, to skincare and makeup that makes us glow – you can tell that we’re really embracing the month that’s in it.

Here are some of the things that are sparking joy this week!

Jade is loving… Bras that actually fit

I’m a woman with a lot of bras. All of them are pretty nice. Barely any of them fit me.

Until recently I had forgotten what it felt like to feel actual chest support while also looking fire.

Then I nabbed myself a few bras from Boux Avenue’s latest collection (in my actual size, might I add), and they’re absolutely gorgeous. And don’t make me feel like I’m about to fall out of my clothes daily. Key.

My favourite has got to be the Gracey balconette bra. Obsessed.

Megan is loving… Brunch

For the month of June, Cafe En Seine has a gorgeous Parisian flower market in their street garden. The room is filled with pretty pink flowers and they teamed up with Tanqueray for some floral-themed cocktails too!

The menu is full of choice, with plenty of egg dishes, burgers and my personal fave, the pulled pork tostada!

Lorna is loving… Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

I know I know, it’s been around for a while but for me this product just never gets old. I first tried it out back when people started raving about it as I really wanted a light foundation. I was warned countless times that it wasn’t a foundation just an eliminating base to prep the face prior to foundation.

I’m not one for a full face of make-up, I did competitive Irish dancing for enough years that I’m done with the whole full glam look. Now I prefer light makeup that doesn’t cover my natural face just enhances its features. When I first tried the Hollywood Flawless Filter out, I decided I would get it in a shade that I could wear when I was wearing tan. I tend to wear makeup going out but not really in my day-to-day life unless I need to. I fell in love with the product and used it along with a dash of concealer on nights out.

It’s only recently after finishing my fourth bottle of my shade 4 medium that I decided to get a much lighter shade 2 Fair that I could throw on in the morning to breathe some life back into my face. Best decision I ever made! Charlotte Tilbury take my money.

Aoife is loving… Bondi Sands Skincare

As someone whose Thursday night has long involved love affairs with different fake tans, I’m very familiar with Bondi Sands as a brand. It was only recently that I found out they have a skincare range – and the products are divine.

I’m particularly loving their Daydream whipped moisturiser, it’s creamy but still feels lightweight (coming from the oiliest woman on earth). My current second favourite is the Vitamin C serum – how have I been living without a Vit C in my routine? Call me crazy but my face seems to brighten right as I put it on. I’m glowing!

Jade is loving… Pink peonies 

I love a flower. I love a pink flower. And I especially love a pink peony.

They’re bright, they’re beautiful, and they smell absolutely gorgeous – and now, one of our favourite Irish flower delivery services has just added them to their hatbox range.

Bloom Magic’s gorgeous Parisian Hatboxes are available in three colours; classic cream, pale pink or striking black and are available for same-day delivery in Dublin, Wicklow, and Kildare, and next day delivery for the rest of the country.

Brighten someone you love’s day. Go on.

Lorna is loving… K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil


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As we’ve previously established I’m on a mission to start taking care of my hair more this year. I have quite fine hair but when I say I have a lot, I mean A LOT. I tend to avoid oils for the very reason that they tend to weigh my hair down which is why when I was invited in to try the new K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil I couldn’t say no.

I have to say, I was quite impressed. My hair actually felt lighter, which I don’t quite understand, but we move. As for whether the length of time between washes changed, it didn’t. I still firmly wash my hair once a week and adding an oil didn’t change that. I’ll be continuing to use this little beauty of a product for the foreseeable.

Aoife is loving… Solo dates

While I love spending time with my friends or my boyfriend, there’s something so therapeutic about going out and doing something by yourself.

I find that my self esteem grows when I prioritise doing things just for me, even if initially it feels selfish or awkward. Self love can be hard! This week I went for tea and a scone at a cosy café to read my book, and afterwards I felt totally refreshed. (Our lovely Deputy Editor Adele lent me her copy of Tampa, which is a totally depraved, but brilliant read).

So this is a PSA that you should treat yourself and take some ‘me time’ – and a reminder that there is nothing embarrassing about spending time alone! You’ve got this.