Everything We Know About The Drama Set To Unfold In Euphoria S3

It seems there's drama both on and off screen.

Describing Euphoria as a hit show doesn’t even seem accurate. At this point, it’s a bonafide cultural institution. Influencing everything from makeup, fashion, and music trends, while skyrocketing its stars to success.

Considering how successful the show is, its renewal for a third season should come as no surprise. Even industry insiders seem excited, with HBO’s EVP of programming, Francesca Orsi saying, “Sam, Zendaya, and the entire cast and crew of Euphoria have taken Season 2 to extraordinary heights, challenging narrative convention and form, while maintaining its heart.

“We couldn’t be more honoured to work with this gifted, wildly talented team or more excited to continue our journey with them into Season 3.”

While the season 3 renewal looks promising, so far, no one from the cast has confirmed they will be appearing in the third season. This isn’t unusual as the announcement was just made, but the issue is a lot of cast members were reportedly unhappy with the second season. Which has fans worried that some may not return.

Before season 2 premiered, a source close to the show told Deux Moi, that the “new season of Euphoria is going to be real DARK.”
The much darker storylines reportedly made some of the cast uncomfortable. The different opinions are said to have caused a lot of tension on-set between the shows creator, Sam Levinson and Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat.


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The source went on to say, “so much so that some actors, especially Barbie Ferreira, were not vibing with the director’s vision. Barbie got into it with him on set and left one day. He then cut a lot of her lines,”

This would explain why Kat had less screen time this season and Barbie’s absence from the Euphoria season 2 premiere. All of the cast was there except two members, Barbie and Storm Reid. Storm’s absence was due to her concerns over Covid, while Barbie’s hasn’t been explained yet.

Some think that Barbie may have refused to attend the premiere due to her discomfort with her character’s treatment. Barbie isn’t the only cast member to be unhappy with this second season. Algee Smith has spoken publicly about his confusion over his character’s treatment this season.


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Algee plays McKay, who was a fan favourite during season 1, but barely appeared in season 2. His presence on the show was so sparse that fans actually believed he had quit.

But Algee is still very much a part of the show. However, he revealed to The Daily Beast that he wasn’t sure why his character didn’t appear much in season 2 and didn’t know where McKay’s future with the show was going.

Saying, “I’m not even really sure, to be honest with you, I think that’s a question we have to ask our creator, where he sees it going. We haven’t even gotten that far in the conversation, him and myself, on this, actually.”

Given all this, Euphoria season 3 could be very different to the beloved hit it is now.

Words by Slรกine McKennaย