Everything We Learned From Jordyn Woods’ Tell All Interview About Tristan Thompson

Ever since the story broke about Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson’s alleged affair/make-out/whatever it was… we’ve been absolutely dying to hear her side of the story.

And last night we finally got it! Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith’s chatty podcast show ‘Red Table Talk’ and spilled the beans on what exactly went down on the night in question.

Now, the video was pretty long, so for anyone who didn’t dissect the entire thing minute by minute – we’ve got you covered!

Here’s what you need to know:

1 – Jordyn says Tristan gave her a kiss ‘on the lips’ but that’s all there was to it (The pair were rumoured to have done the deed or even have had a full blown affair)


2 – Jordyn has the full backing of the Smith family, with Will Smith himself even skyping in to show his support


3 – Khloe is having absolutely none of what Jordy is saying, and put her on full blast on Twitter when the show was airing.

4 – Jordyn says she has spoken to Kylie, but the brief mention of her friend makes us think that all is definitely not the way it was between the two.

5 – There has been mixed online reaction to the show, but most people believe what Jordyn had to say!

So to sum up, it all seemed a lot more innocent than people first thought, and it might give us all a reminder not to judge a person or situation so quickly.

We’ve yet to hear all the facts we’re sure (maybe they’re being kept for the next season of KUWTK?) – but all in all we think Tristan Thompson is not getting near enough slack for what really was his own fault.



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