EYNTK About Selling The OC Season 3

Who’s excited for more million dollar houses?

Pic: Netflix

Yes, we know, season two has just landed, but who doesn’t love bingeing real estate shows?

Season two of Selling The OC dropped last week, and it’s fair to say that we’ve finished every episode all ready. Give us a break, we needed a chill weekend after Friday night’s Hayu STELLAR InstaStar Awards!

Now that we’ve binged the whole season and you probably have too (who actually has the restraint needed to watch an episode a week?), we’re wondering all about season three.

Season two saw the cast sell million dollar houses, take a trip to Cabo San Lucas and even attempt to sell the team’s very first billion dollar listing – yes that’s actually a thing!


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So, what’s happening with season three? Well, back in January, Jason Oppenheim himself announced that season two and season three would be coming to our screens soon along with season six and seven of OG real estate show Selling Sunset.

In the post he said: “Netflix just announced that Selling the OC will be back for two more seasons! Get ready for Selling the OC seasons 2 and 3 and Selling Sunset seasons 6 and 7. They like to keep me busy… here we go!”

There’s been no release date announced but if we are to listen to rumours, there are two possibilities. First, if we’re to go on the timing of the first and second seasons, it seems we will be waiting until Summer or even Autumn 2024.

Pic: Netflix

Alternatively, with there being two seasons announced simultaneously it seems the team could follow a similar timeline as Selling Sunset. The format was: season one – March 2019, season two – May 2020, season three – August 2020, season four – November 2021, season five – April 2022 and season six – May 2023.

As of now we can expect every season two cast member to return for season three, including newcomer Ali Harper.

Who’s excited for some more lavishly luxurious houses?