Fans Have One Major Complaint About Love Island – And No, It’s Not The Sex Scenes

Ofcom, the TV watchdog, has received almost 50 complaints.

Love Island is the show of the summer with ratings even surpassing those of Big Brother, but fans of the show have one major complaint, and it’s probably not what you’d expect.

The ITV2 dating show puts single men and women in a Majorcan villa in the hope that they’ll find love. As people pair up, and eventually break up, the show will award the last couple standing with a grand prize of £50,000.

Given the theme of Love Island is finding a romantic partner, viewers are presented with all sorts of adult content, from daytime romps to couples having sex under the sheets at night. But it’s not the sex scenes that people have an issue with.

Out of the 46 complaints filed to the TV watchdog, Ofcom, nearly half of them were about the fact that the cast are constantly smoking cigarettes.

Viewers have also been commenting on the issue on Twitter, saying, “I’m convinced Love Island is trying to promote smoking. Every two seconds there’s a cigarette on the screen” and “I honestly didn’t think smoking was a thing anymore?! But apparently I was wrong #LoveIsland.”


What do you think of the islanders smoking on screen?

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