Fans Have Tweeted Ariana Grande’s One Last Time Performance To Honour The Victims Of Last Night’s Arena Attack

It was one of her final songs of the night before 22 people lost their lives and 59 others were injured.

Following last night’s fatal terror attack on the Manchester Arena, fans of Ariana Grande have been sharing videos of her One Last Time performance in memory of those who lost their lives.

The 23-year-old pop star had sang the song moments before the attack took place, and now fans feel overwhelmed by its poignant double meaning.

One girl tweeted, “It breaks my heart knowing that this is last time some of them sing with Ariana ? #PrayForManchester”, while another said, “Ariana singing One Last Time last night, so beautiful yet so upsetting this morning. Everyone was so happy ?  #PrayForManchester #Manchester”

According to the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, police have determined the identity of the suicide bomber but have not disclosed his name at this time.

Families are still desperately searching for their missing loved ones, many of whom are children and young teenagers.

Anyone with concerns for Irish friends or family who may be caught up in the events taking place in Manchester can contact the Irish Embassy there on 02072352171, or call the Dublin line on +353-1-4082000.

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