Fans Reckon This Backstage Footage Of Kim And Kanye Means They’re Feuding

What do you think?

Kim and Kanye

Kim and Kanye couldn’t have looked more in love at the VMAs this year, gazing into each other’s eyes and smiling for the cameras.

But fans think that leaked footage of Kimye backstage suggests that behind the scenes their relationship is actually in serious trouble.

The clip shows Kim and Kanye grabbing some downtime in a private room at the VMAs. Kim is seen sitting opposite Kanye for a second, before he gestures towards her and she moves to sit beside him.

The pair then seem to ignore each other with Kanye engrossed in his phone and Kim adjusting a strap on her shoe.

So what’s the deal then? Is their relationship just one big lie?

Well we highly doubt. Surely they’re just acting like basically every other couple on the planet? After all, you can’t be completely engrossed in each other’s company every second of the day, can you?

Still it hasn’t stopped people speculating. Here’s the clip, what do you think?


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