Festive Cheer! If You Order Water At This Dublin Bar This Christmas You Get A Bottle Of Wine Instead

It's a Christmas miracle!

Water into Wine

With all the shopping, nights out and catch up with friends, Christmas can become one mighty expensive time of the year, but one Dublin bar making things just a teeny little bit cheaper is The Exchequer Wine Bar in Ranleigh.

How so?

Well, this Christmas, if you gather up three or more friends and head there for a main course meal, you’ll be given a bottle of house wine when you order a large mineral water.

So they’re literally turning water into wine. Er, what’s not to love?

Of course, the offer does come with a few T&Cs. You’ll need to have at least four people in your party, and you’ll all need to order a main course between the hours of 5pm and 7pm in order to qualify for a bottle to share.

But hey, a bottle of vino for the price of a bottle of water, isn’t a bad deal, is it?

There’s really only one question: Um, red or white?


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