“FFS…” Kris Jenner’s Latest Family Photo Has Left Some Fans RAGING!

"Is she having a laugh??"

Kris Jenner fans aren’t happy with her latest Instagram post, and they’re not afraid to show it.

The mother-of-six shared a photo of her daughters modelling for Calvin Klein, and they’re all showing off their stomachs – all except Kylie Jenner. She’s lying alongside her sisters with a blanket covering her midriff, thus concealing any potential baby bump underneath.

Rumours have been circulating about Kylie’s supposed pregnancy since August, and people are fed up with it. One person commented underneath the picture saying, “Omg, she’s ridiculous. This has been going on for way too long,” while another person said, “Ffs, it’s just cringe now.”

Others have said, “Is Kylie having a laugh???” and “Kylie is so extra hiding her belly. Like give it up already.”

However, others have pointed out that this is probably an old photo. “Everyone trying to figure out if Kylie is pregnant in this pic…” one fan began, “Khloe doesn’t look pregnant in this pic either and she’s about 6 months. It was taken a while ago. If either are pregnant in this pic it’s not too far in.”

Are you interested in Kylie’s bump story or nah?

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