Fight Night: Why Bickering With Your Boyfriend Is Good For Your Relationship

Is your boyfriend irritating the hell out of you? Don't seethe in silence. Research says it's best to speak up and risk an argument.

Couple Fighting

Ever told your boyfriend “I’m fine” when actually you’re seething with rage because he left the toilet seat up again?

Well concealing your rage might not be the best plan, because research has found that it’s better for your relationship if you speak up, instead of letting your problems fester.

Dr Hannah Fry, a mathematician at University College London, found that couples who have a ‘low negativity threshold’, which simply means they complain more readily about things that annoy them, are less likely to split.

“I would have thought that a really high threshold of negativity, where you let things go on and let your partner “be themselves”, would be more successful,” said Dr Fry.

“But the exact opposite is true. The couples who end up doing best have a really low negativity threshold. When things bother them they speak up immediately and don’t let small things spill out of control”

If you are going to speak up and risk starting an argument? Dr Fry says it’s important to make comments to your boyf gently and supportively.