Finally! Here’s How To Fix That ‘Ducking’ iPhone Autocorrect Problem Once And For All

Yeah, duck you autocorrect.

Girl Using An iPhone

iphones are great. They can count your steps, video call, and even control your heating, but unfortunately these supposedly smart little gadgets haven’t quite mastered swear words yet.

Of course, you’ll already know this because every time you try to slot a cheeky F word into your WhatsApp group or iMessage, your phone will do a nasty on you and change it to duck, ducker or ducking, making you look like an illiterate tool.

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Not sound, iPhone. Not sound.

Thankfully one Twitter user has found the fix and all you gotta do is add the offending F word into your contacts.

Basically, according to Steven Thrasher, who posted the fix online, by doing this your iphone just thinks you’re using a contact name instead of swearing, and so it’ll leave your expletives as is.

Cheers Steven. Thanks for fixing all our ducking problems.