First Look At Tonight’s Grá Ar An Trá: ‘It Wasn’t Going To Be Happy Families Forever’

Things are heating up!

Grá ar an Trá – Photos by Ruth Medjber

If you aren’t watching Grá Ar An Trá – what are you doing?!

The gas new Irish reality dating show is our current obsession, and with each episode things have been getting more exciting.

We’ve only got five couples left from the original group, and the pressure to not only learn the Irish language, but their love languages too, is mounting!

Grá ar an Trá – Photos by Ruth Medjber

 In tonight’s episode, it’s a slow morning in the Love Teach and almost everyone is feeling the grá.

Though for Zak and Talia, it’s an even slower start. Having survived the first elimination, Talia confesses to the cailíní that she isn’t feeling the grá from Zak.

 After their ‘Ghost’ pottery date Seán and Megan are heading in the right direction with the grá, but Megan feels she is struggling with her confidence when it comes to the Gaeilge.

After a tough school day, the copy books and foclóirí are put away and it’s a chilled-out evening with Andrew entertaining the couples playing the fiddle.

 It’s soon time for another challenge, with the Bean and Man an Tí, Síomha Ní Ruairc and James Kavanagh, arriving and tasking the couples with a competition. The winners will be rewarded, and there is a ‘punishment’ for the couple who finish last!

 But as the grá gets going and the Gaeilge grows, there is soon to be a twist, and tensions run high. “It wasn’t going to be happy families forever,” comments Andrew.

Grá ar an Trá – Photos by Ruth Medjber

 At the end of the day, another couple needs to go home – who is making the most effort with the Gaeilge and who will be next to leave the Love Teach?

Only Gráinne Seoige can decide!

Tune in to the third episode of ‘Grá ar an Trá’ tonight at 10pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player or catch up on the first episode on Virgin Media Player.